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Tatamagouche Centre is a space for transformation – of individuals, groups and society.

Your support helps Tatamagouche Centre continue to be a beautiful, natural place for gathering, learning, retreat, renewal and transformation for people from many walks of life and of differing means.

Donations do make a real difference!

•    To youth and leaders of youth, to ensure the next generation carries on the search for deep meaning in their lives and engagement for peace, justice and right relationship with creation.

•    To leaders of church and community who wish to develop fresh, meaningful, participatory approaches in their leadership.

•    To all seeking to build a more inclusive community, celebrating our diversity in sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, ability, race, religion and age, regardless of economic situation.

•    To anyone yearning for a sacred place to retreat, to be renewed, and to be inspired.

You may make a general donation, or specify support for a particular program that holds a special place in your heart. 
Ways to financially support Tatamagouche Centre:

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