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Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence logoDuring the 1980s in Guatemala, the army waged a genocidal war against Mayan communities and social activists. In 1988 Tatamagouche Centre began an active presence of mutual solidarity with these Guatamalan communities. We continue today through a Maritimes-wide network of volunteers, known as “the Maritimes - Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network” (BTS).

We support Guatemalans struggling for political, social, economic and cultural justice and recognize that injustice results from structural inequalities both within and between countries. BTS is committed to supporting structural transformation both in Guatemala and in Canada.

We work with partner organizations to create relationships and projects based on solidarity, friendship, and human rights advocacy. We are inspired by Guatemalans working for peace with justice.

Two Children in GuatemalaActions:
•    Sending interns and volunteers to Guatemala who work with local villages
•    Promoting fair Trade coffee
•    Speaking tours
•    Longterm campaign of support for Guatemalan communities resisting actions of Canadian mining companies.
•    Training and sending Canadians to act as international observers and witnesses to human rights violations and threats.

To learn more about BTS policies and structures, visit the BTS Network website.

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