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Become a member – connect across movements and communities

Has Tatamagouche Centre or someone in the community touched your life? If so, we invite you to become a Tatamagouche Centre Member. Membership in the Society formalizes your intention and role to be a movement-maker, healer, artist, contemplative, activist, facilitator, social entrepreneur in the Tatamagouche network. We want to promote your work. We also want to facilitate member connections across movements and communities and live into full welcome. And because we want membership as accessible as possible, it’s only $5.

Through full welcome and inclusion of all people, Tatamagouche Centre offers its hospitality to everyone, works for the justice of all people, and joyfully affirms and celebrates human diversity in sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, ability, race, religion and age, regardless of economic situation. We take an equity and radical hospitality approach to BIPOCQT inclusion.

Membership benefits:

  • Promotion of your work and your advocacy issues that align with our values
  • Connect with others in the network
  • Share links to your movement, collective or social enterprise with the broader network
  • Participate directly in decision-making through the Board of Directors, councils or committees
  • Influence decision-making (you will be asked as regularly as you like for your inputs into strategy but we won’t bother you if you would like more minimal engagement)
  • Join our program resource group (group of facilitators) once you have taken ASPIRE and have demonstrated your commitment to transformative learning and anti-oppression practices. We are often asked for referrals of external contracts related to equity, justice, organizing, conflict resolution, team and trust-building
  • Be the first stop for us for purchases of services, art, gifts, produce

Bring your talents and gifts to our communities and strengthen and support the work and future of the Centre. We realize that a vibrant, engaged Tatamagouche Centre membership is a great opportunity to build our relationships as together we become more involved in maintaining a vibrant, strong Centre.

Become a member here.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit our Donation Page.

Thank you.