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Mission Statement

Open to the spirit, rooted in the gospel tradition, Tatamagouche Centre is an education and retreat centre which invites and challenges people from diverse backgrounds to personal wholeness, right relationships, respect for creation, and justice in the world.

Inclusion Statement

Through the full welcome and inclusion of all people, Tatamagouche Centre offers its hospitality to everyone, works for the justice of all people, and joyfully affirms and celebrates human diversity in sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, ability, race, religion and age, regardless of economic situation.

Practices:  We are intentional about our symbols, language and conversation about how to  accommodate diverse barriers. Stewart Hall includes gender-neutral and wheelchair accessible washrooms, wheelchair accessible ramps to enter the building, an elevator. Saswasig Lodge, Creighton #4 and Campbell House also have wheelchair accessible washrooms and bedrooms.

Mandate on Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Norms and Practices

Throughout the years, Tatamagouche Centre has been committed to addressing racism in our region and in our own organization. Sometimes we got it right and did well. Often, we fell short of our ideals and did harm.

In this moment, like so many moments before, we are being called to do the work necessary to undo systemic racism as it shows up in our personal lives, relationships and communities. We are called to deepen our practice of living out right relations.

In continued affirmation of Tatamagouche Centre’s desire to stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour and work towards equity, justice, a vibrant, diverse, and caring organization, community and society, we commit to:

a) Over the coming months, engage in honest and meaningful dialogue with the many individuals and communities that form the fabric of the Tatamagouche Centre with the aim of listening, sharing and collectively conspiring about our path forward in anti-racism work.

b) Guided by these conversations, prepare a plan of action to deepen our anti-racism commitment as part of a longer continuous collective practice, including, but not limited to: confronting racism in our own community and organization; admitting when we are wrong and responding with open hearts and minds; creating the conditions for BIPOC spaces, participants and program leaders to thrive at Tatamagouche Centre; deepening trauma-informed and racial equity practices; establishing an anti-racism harassment policy; and continuing to establish organizational processes and systems grounded in values of anti-racism and anti-oppression. [passed by membership, June 20, 2020 AGM)

Constructing Safety and Consent

Constructing safety and respecting consent was strengthened at Tatamagouche Centre through Games that Matter programs and facilitators like Avery Alder, Josie Baker and Jon Hutt who were explicit about what it meant to create safer game spaces and “consent at the table.” The following is taken from a short pamphlet written by Avery for the Centre’s Game programs as an example of the kinds of practices that we are working to apply more broadly:

“No matter the context, consent is about making sure that everyone is an enthusiastic participant who gets a say in what happens next. Consent means being able to negotiate outcomes and being able to walk away if something feels wrong. Consent at our gaming tables helps to make sure that everyone feels safe and excited to play…..

Consent isn’t just about sex. It’s about asking and listening, no matter what the context is.”

Policy and Recognition as an Affirming Centre

Tatamagouche Centre is recognized as an Affirming Centre. In 1992, the Board of Directors adopted an internal policy of being an accepting community, where all people could celebrate their sexuality and enhance their spiritual growth. In 2001 became an accredited Affirming Organization within the United Church of Canada. Tatamagouche Centre continues to nurture and develop a welcoming and inclusive hospitality for all people. Inclusive symbols, a well trained and sensitive staff, programs and advocacy to support lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and gender-creative or non-binary identifying people, both within and beyond the Church, are all components of this encouraging hospitality.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Tatamagouche Centre does not tolerate harassing behaviour and is committed to being a harassment-free environment.

Sexual harassment, for us, is any attempt to coerce an unwilling person into a sexual relationship, or to subject a person to unwanted sexual attention, or to punish a refusal to comply. Sexual harassment must be understood as an exploitation of a power relationship, rather than an exclusively sexual issue. Harassment may involve a wide range of behaviours from verbal innuendo and subtle suggestions, including online, to overt demands and physical abuse.

Complaints of sexual harassment will be taken seriously, investigated and dealt with in a spirit of justice and compassion. Any procedures will focus on minimizing further distress for the complainant. Each stage of the process will involve as few people as possible and attempt to stop the harassment without grievance procedures.

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and is prohibited by Federal and Provincial law.

Sustainable – Environmental Policy

We are in a climate crisis and our collective futures rely on restoring right relationships with the natural environment. We commit to building on previous and ongoing efforts to actively engage stakeholders in ambitious and thoughtful environmental initiatives that:

  • reduce our environmental footprint (through waste reduction, water conservation, sustainable and local food purchasing, etc),
  • integrate social and environmental considerations into decisions,
  • support vibrant rural communities and justice,
  • dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) generated through our work.

All initiatives will be in keeping with our mission, values, community, context, and will support and enhance the long-term vitality of the Centre. We are currently working on a Green Retrofit to upgrade Stewart Hall roof from R3 to R40, the Sanctuary space wall and windows and a new energy-efficient heating and cooling system. In 2020, we double our sourcing of local foods, in part through our food box program and partnership with Waldegrave Farms.

Program Registration and Cancellation Policy

You can register on our website at any time. Please register early. All registrations should be received at least two weeks prior to the event in order to ensure your space and to allow the kitchen adequate time to plan. Cancellations up to 7 days prior to the program you will receive a full refund. On or after day 7 we have a non refundable portion of $75 for weekend programs or $150 for 5 day programs. The non refundable portion is to cover registration fees and food costs. During the COVID pandemic any cancellation due to COVID will receive a full refund!

Food Safety Policy

Hosted events will be catered by the staff of the Tatamagouche Centre. Under the regulations of our kitchen license, from the Dept. of Agriculture, Food Protection and Enforcement Division, access to the kitchen is restricted to food staff only. Our staff are trained by the Food Safety Division to present food to our guests in a safe and properly handled manner. We do not allow non staff personnel access to our kitchen.

Privacy Policy

Tatamagouche Centre will be a responsible steward of the information gathered on this site. We will not sell, share or rent any of this information to a third party.