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Tatamagouche Centre works towards transformation of self and society; towards a just, peaceful, collaborative world.

Our Values:

  • Attending to Spirit
  • Building Inclusion
  • Embracing Social Justice
  • Encouraging Transformation
  • Honouring Interdependence
  • Fostering Sustainability


We weave contemplation, silence, and reflection in what we do as a necessary part of the work to bring about transformation. We support spiritual grounding and leadership.


Through the full welcome and inclusion of all people, Tatamagouche Centre offers its hospitality to everyone, works for the justice of all people, and joyfully affirms and celebrates human diversity in sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, ability, race, religion and age, regardless of economic situation.

We recognize that diversity is a sacred form of resilience in human communities as in the ecosystems around us.

Since 1992, we have been committed to being an Affirming Centre and accepting community where all people can celebrate their sexuality and enhance their spiritual growth [see policies for details]. In June 2020, we committed to anti-racist and anti-oppression values and practices [see policies for details].

Social Justice

We are part of movements for greater justice, peace, and ecological responsibility. We work to overcome oppression, inequity, and injustice.  Accountable to one another, we strive to recognize power and privilege and name it when it impedes processes and relationships. We embrace equity and seek to overcome systemic barriers to human rights, dignity, and social participation.


We use education rooted in experience as a vehicle to work towards transformation of self and society, towards a just, peaceful, collaborative world.  We care about each other and all creations in our world. Through caring, even in conflict, we challenge one another to grow and transform in positive ways. 


We acknowledge the interconnectedness of all beings and understand that we are mutually dependent on one another. In our work, we link personal development, social justice, spiritual integrity, and ecological sustainability. We aspire and work to wholeness, to blend the social personal and spiritual. 


We embrace a leadership role in fostering ecological responsibility by reducing our environmental footprint, sourcing as much as we can locally, and supporting people to meet their needs within flourishing natural and social communities. We are accountable in terms of a triple bottom line of environmental, economic and social outcomes of our work [see policies for details].

As a Centre and a community of communities, we are governed by structures and processes
that reflect these shared values. Our deep commitment to community centres right relationships and dialogue. We also value participatory decision-making (consensus where
possible), transparency, collaborative and inclusive processes to build on our collective wisdom.  We recognize that at different times, people with different things to learn or offer will take leadership roles.