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Please complete and submit the form below to apply for a Bursary for any of our Programs where we have specified that Bursaries are available. If you have any questions please contact us. We respect your right to privacy and any personal information you provide will only be used to process your application.

Under 18 years18 to 39 years40 to 49 yearsover 50 years


Bursary funds are provided by a combination of generous individuals and organizations who have been touched by the ripples of our work in the world. The names and identities of bursary recipients are confidential. In 2019 we have received some funding for program bursaries from the United Church Foundation:

When available, bursaries for youth and young adults are provided by “The James Robertson Memorial Trust Fund, the Wesley C. Smith Fund, the Davey Family Endowment Fund, the Living Spirit Fund, the Brian and Belva Piercy Fund, the Jean Moore Endowment Fund, and the United Church of Canada Foundation’s General Fund at The United Church Foundation.

Where available, bursaries for seniors spirituality program streams were awarded from The Watkins Fund for Innovative Ministries with Senior Adults at The United Church of Canada Foundation.