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At the heart of this rolling grounds of 15 acres, nestled between river and shore, Tatamagouche Centre has been offering a space for peace and friendship gatherings, spiritual renewal and transformation for decades. Our facilities are excellent for networking or team building. The cozy lounges and living rooms, bonfires lead to connections and conversations that would never happen in a hotel lobby! And the natural beauty outside each window inspires.

A sense of grounding and renewal comes from this land and place, but our strength is in our people. Whether welcoming you at the front door of Stewart Hall, or guiding you through a program or retreat, there is always someone available to answer questions, give support, or simply provide a smiling and friendly face when you need it. Our Tatamagouche Centre community includes staff, program resource group (PRG), our board of directors, volunteers and people who simply care about this place – who find it as their spiritual home, or a place of renewal or an excellent place to network and hold gatherings.