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Tatamagouche Centre continually strives to improve our facilities and make them as accessible as possible to everyone.

Stewart Hall, our main meeting facility, has two accessible bathrooms and paved accessible parking spaces with entrance ramps in both the front and the back of the building. An inside elevator connects the two levels.

There are paved walkways to the Creighton Units the Saswasig Lodge and Campbell House.

Creighton unit #4 is accessible except the shower. Campbell House room #6, Stevens’ House room #1 and Saswasig Lodge #3 are completely accessible. The Stevens House is located accross the street and is the farthest away from the main meeting facility.

We have two gender neutral washrooms available in our facility. We also have a baby change station and are a breastfeeding friendly facility.

Please let us know if you require accessible facilities.


Campbell House accessible bathroom

Inside Elevator connects two levels

Accessible parking to the dining room level