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The Labyrinth is a medieval spiritual tool which is now being rediscovered in our time. It is a sacred circular design that is walked as a spiritual meditation, an ancient act of pilgrimage symbolizing one’s walk with God.

The design requires the walker to begin at the outside of the circle and wind slowly in toward the centre, then slowly move out again, using the exact same path. There are no wrong turns or dead ends; only a narrow path to the centre, and back out into the world.

Walking the Labyrinth

~ Time ~

Enjoy the walk at your own pace. A normal walk will take about 30 minutes: 15 minutes in and 15 minutes out.
A slow meditative walk will increase the time to about 45 minutes.
Be sure to allow some time at the centre to make your personal connections.

~ Pause ~

Before you enter the path, take time to become centered and mentally prepare for your journey.

~ Focus ~

You may wish to focus your thoughts or just allow what comes naturally to guide you.

~ Begin ~

begin your walk slowly, notice your breathing;
feel the ground under your feet,
look at the land and the sky,
taste and smell the wind and air,
listen to the earth.

~ Remember ~

The labyrinth is a journey, not a destination.
Take your time; allow others to pass if need be.
Everyone hears their own music and moves to their own dance.