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A Message from our Board of Directors

To our friends and allies,

 In the summer of 2015 the Tatamagouche Centre experienced a financial crisis. At that time, a decision was made by the Board of Directors to lay off staff and to close the Centre temporarily. This was followed by a first community meeting in August 2015. From that time until late April 2017, the board had been managing the organization from afar without an on-site director.

This has been a difficult time in the history of the Tatamagouche Centre. Historically, the Centre's strengths have been in its work of personal and social transformation, relationship with land, work for social justice, and of deepening our relationship with spirit. The people who have come, participated and led programs, who carried the torch as staff and as board over the years have been the faces and spirit of the Centre.

However, under duress we make and enact decisions whose consequences we don't fully comprehend. It is a precarious balance to make difficult financial decisions while staying true to our values. In truth, we have sometimes failed to keep this balance. Harm has been done to individuals and to longstanding relationships with allies and communities - relationships that have been built over years and decades. As the Board of Directors, we would like to acknowledge that some of our actions and inactions have caused harm. As a result, some of our closest friends and allies have chosen to stay away. By acknowledging this, we seek to find ways forward in line with our shared values.

Like most non-profits oriented towards social change, we struggle financially. We recognize that although financial sustainability is necessary, it is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Our goal is to embody our potential as an organization called to be a Sanctuary - a place of justice and respite in today's world.

We are committed to be a safe space to do the work of healing, transformational learning, and contemplation. We are committed to learning and living the work of reconciliation with indigenous peoples. These commitments mean that we must find ways to embody justice and equity in all the work that we do. This means recognizing the dynamics of power and privilege and systemic oppression. We are taking steps to heal the harm that has occurred. We are working to learn and embody what it means to be a truly inclusive and safe space for people of diverse identities.

 The Tatamagouche Centre has existed for over six decades, and over this time, cycles of ebb and flow have occurred. We are working hard to build towards a renewal of our work and our place in the world. It is impossible to go back to what has been before, but we believe that together we can work towards a vision of what is possible. We invite those who love this place to help us to build this vision, and to work together to bring it to fruition.


The Board of Directors
Tatamagouche Centre

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