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Home Funeral Practicum - with Don Morris M.Ed.

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  Nov 16 - Nov 18, 2018 Fri 7:00 PM - Sun 1:30 PM

This program is now full. If you newly register you will be put on a waiting list. Participants who have been approved for a bursary and are registering now are fine.

A home funeral provides intimate and sacred care to a deceased in the time before burial or cremation. Come reclaim what our ancestors knew about death care in our communities and how to support each other on this journey. It's about caring for our own. You'll practice moving, washing, shrouding, casketing and vigiling models in sacred space. Understand legalities, logistics, health concerns and death-doula ethics. Beautiful, life affirming work. 

This  two-day, in-depth, practical, role-play workshop shares valuable experience and essential knowledge.  It hones your existing  ‘human skills’ to legally and tenderly care for another at death with or without a funeral director.


  • how to move, wash and dress a live model’s body
  • about safety and universal health practices
  • about shrouding and casketing
  • the legalities regarding self-transportation and all logistical paperwork
  • the rituals for different faiths and beliefs
  • what this tradition of loving care could mean for you and your loved ones                           

Why Home Funeral Vigils?

Why?  Because - In Kory's words - “caring for our own has the possibility to transform our discomfort with death, to experience loving kindness, and to act in a way that is humanistic.”  Knowing how to participate in a hands-on way with death helps us grieve more deeply, love more richly, and heal more rapidly from loss.  Caring for our own/each other enhances our potential to live with less anxiety, be more present & alive in the moment, and strengthens our connection to self, others, the earth and the magnificent/mysterious Source of Life. Anything that can help with all that... well count me in!  Come join us inside this transformational, human training. 

Participant Testimonials:

       "The possibilities to extend loving kindness to the deceased beloved as part of our grieving and healing process was so beautifully modeled by our skilled teacher Don Morris and our volunteers. Don held the space lovingly throughout the weekend ritual with sensitivity and still conveyed the importance of the technical elements."
                 L.A. Milne - British Columbia 

      "Doors are opening, hearts are opening... my personal emotions: intense, incredibly love filled while cleansing the body. Words escape me to describe the experience held this weekend during the Home Funeral Practicum. I wish everyone else attending these practicums in Canada the best!"  
           Denise Seguin - Regina, SK

"Awesome, awesome. awesome! Good balance of book learning and practical work." 
                 Anne - Kitchner/Waterloo

"What a transformational workshop. I now feel empowered to practice and share these teachings  that are so important and sacred for our times."
              Denise LeBlanc - Memramcook, NB.

Register Early!

This program can only accomodate up to 18 participants, so please register early!

Program Cost: 

Meals and 2 nights accommodations: $640

Meals and no accommodations: $560

Can't afford it? Program Scholarships are Available!

We are thrilled to be able to offer program scholarships to support folks to attend this program!* Please download and complete our scholarship form and email it back to us at info(at) - preference will be given to those who plan to share the knowlege and skills they gain with their local community in concrete ways.

Deadline to apply for scholarships: June 17th 2018

Final Deadline to register for program: November 1, 2018

*Thanks for the financial support through the Embracing the Spirit Fund of the United Church of Canada! 


Don Morris, M.Ed. Counsellling

Don MorrisDon Morris love for life fuels his drive to support a societal return to family and community-led 'deathcaring.'  In essence 'being there' for each other throughout dying with respect, love and wisdom and afterwards participating in empowering deathcare rituals. 

After completing a successful career as a licensed funeral director and cemeterian, spanning the 70's and 80's, he retrained as a therapeutic counsellor.  In 2010 prompted by a concern for the environment and its nexus with wasteful/ harmful funeral industry practices he brought the Green Burial Council to Canada.  His lifelong interest in death and dying also led to consulting to the Canadian Integrative Network for Death Education and Alternatives.  

​Besides nurturing the Home Funeral Practicum, serving Victoria, BC's Jewish Community's Chevra Kadisha (holy burial society), teaching for The Virtual School for Community Deathcaring and working as a Community Counsellor at the Esquimalt House in Victoria, he continues supporting (as a founding board member) Community Deathcare Canada.
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