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A Message from the Executive Director:

Come spring, I am leaving my position at Tatamagouche Centre. I am leaving because we are doing well. We are surrounded by good people in good relationship; we are at a point of a stability that allows for generosity. It has been a journey to get here – a journey of building and re-building relationships, of listening deeply, of truly hearing the hurt, the love, and the visions for our future.

I am ready to pass on this now-thriving organization into someone else’s hands. I intend this to be a gift. The staff team is strong. The land is breathtakingly beautiful and always speaking. There is support here for learning, growth, and for collaborative visioning.

I love the Centre. I love our strong and supportive staff team. I love the work and trajectory of the programs, I love that we’ve been able to offer radical welcome and a sense of home to folks of all walks of life. I appreciate that our finances now inspire confidence rather than fear. I love that our model  brings out the magic of what happens when we build community face to face, in relationship with sacred land. This is a powerful turning point.

I have home and family calling me back to Abegweit (Prince Edward Island). For most of 3 years I have been commuting back home for weekends. I would be happy to stay if I made myself a home in or close to Tatamagouche. There are many who have welcomed me, who invited me to put down roots. This position would be incredible if I wanted to buy a home in the hills and live happily surrounded by nature.

Thank you to all who have loved the Tatamagouche Centre back into wholeness – your presence, your financial support, and your sharing our stories make this a place powerful. This is a place where often disparate worlds come together – a place of change.

It has been an honour to have been a short part of the long legacy of Tatamagouche Centre. This is an opening to the unknown. Maybe this invitation is for you – or for someone bright and brave that you know. Our potential is more that can fit into one person’s imagination. This is a new cycle for Tatamagouche Centre, and I am excited and hopeful for what is on the horizon.

In gratitude for your continued support, passion, and love for the Centre and all our work,

Josie Baker

Executive Director

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A Message from the Board of Directors

It is with understanding, yet great sadness, that the board has received the news that Josie Baker has decided that she needs step down as Executive Director at the Tatamagouche Centre, in order to be closer to her family in PEI.

Whenever a board is charged with hiring a new Executive Director for an organization there is always a great deal of anxiety regarding finding the right person for the job. Back in 2017 as Tatamagouche Centre was in the slow process of recovery from its financial crisis and also in the midst of severely damaged relationships with many of its long term partners, finding an ED capable of leading the Centre through these challenging times was paramount.

We set out to find someone who had passion for personal and social transformation, had great cross-cultural and interpersonal skills, and had the maturity and self-motivation to take on the leadership of an organization in transition with a very uncertain future. As all will know who have met and worked with Josie, we were fortunate to find just such a person. In leading the Centre for the past two and half years Josie has exceeded our hopes and expectations.

During this time she has rebuilt the key relationships which allow the Centre to flourish, has renewed the programing with a continued focus upon the ASPIRE model of adult education and facilitation, and reached out to bring many new folks as well as past participants into the Centre’s orbit. At the same time she has built a staff team with a real sense of ownership of the Centre in which all are heard and pull together regardless of their official job responsibilities.

Josie will be greatly missed by all.

On behalf of the board, the staff, all the program partners, and all who have enjoyed the benefits of a reinvigorated Tatamagouche Centre I would like to express our deep gratitude and best wishes to Josie, and for her future endeavours.

Of course, the board now begins the process of searching for a new ED to build upon the great foundation that Josie has helped lay. We are happy to say that the new ED will be inheriting a far different situation than the one which Josie faced. The Centre is back on a solid financial footing; a diverse series of programs are again in the works for 2020; there is a strong staff team with a sense of clarity and purpose in their roles, and there is the opportunity for a new spurt of creativity to further strengthen the Centre’s capacity to fulfil its values of: “attending to spirit, embracing social justice, building inclusion, encouraging transformation, honouring interdependence and fostering sustainability”.

The job posting is available and we encourage you all to spread the posting to people who honour the Centre’s values and have the commitment, passion and experience to lead a collaborative and committed staff and board into the future.

Yours truly,
Peter Hough,
Chair, Board of Directors

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