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Lee Fleming
Marketing & Programming Coordinator and Bookkeeper - She/Her

Lee is both the Programming & Marketing Coordinator, and the Bookkeeper at TC. She loves working at the Centre for a multitude of reasons, but at the heart of it, she believes in the Centre’s capacity to catalyze transformational change.

Lee has a long background in publishing, editing, writing, music, film/video, festival organizing, and political activism. She was honoured to be the Grand Marshal at the 25th PEI Pride event in 2019.

She lives on the Wallace River, and enjoys a beautiful commute each day along the scenic Sunrise Trail – into the dawning eastern light and home into the setting western sun. She has been at the Centre since April 2018, but feels like she has always worked here, like she has arrived home…

Her passions, outside of work are her two granddaughters, making and sharing music, and capturing the natural world and humanity through her photography.