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Nanci Lee
Strategy & Stewardship - She/Her

Nanci is a Chinese-Syrian poet and facilitator originally from Port Colborne, Ontario raised with her sister by her Dad and three brothers in a small family restaurant. Grants (now gone), loans and community bursaries made it possible to go on to further study so she cares a lot about equity and community’s role in it. In 2002, she came to M’ikmaki (Nova Scotia) to work on community finance and adult education at the Coady Institute. She has supported non-profits, coops and alliances around finance, food, gender justice, land trusts. An economics small enough to focus on relationships and shared ownership, networked enough to take on structural issues like asset and inheritance rights, gender-based violence. Nanci joined the Centre for its commitment to spiritual values, learning, organizing and healing, finding ways to hold each other across the messiness. She is committed to her own Zen and narrative practices for playing, healing, seeing ourselves in one another. Most at home in a canoe or chopping veggies.