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04 September, 2020
5:30 PM
Tatamagouche Centre, 259 Loop Route 6, RR#3 NS

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Sept. 4 – Sept. 6, 2020 Friday 5:30 PM – Sun 1:30 PM

Join us for a weekend of connecting, sharing and learning together where Stacey (she/her) and Rena (they/them) will facilitate a program that brings together the collective wisdom of BIPOC community members from across the Atlantic Region. Together, we will create a space for us to hear and learn from our common and disparate experiences, and build shared strength, vision and connections in service of our collective futures.

Acceptance to this program is based on an application process.

Click Here for the Application Form

Application Deadline: July 31, 2020

Program Cost:

We work hard to make our programs accessible, while ensuring that the true costs are covered.

When we get grant funding towards our programs, we name the true cost of the program in order to allow those who are able to pay this cost. If you need financial support, we really would like to receive your application as early as possible.

Full Program Cost – $479 (including tuition, meals, and shared accommodations).

A request for a single room adds $50 to the total.

Can’t afford it?

On the application form you will be asked to indicate how much you can pay towards the costs of the gathering. Bursaries are available to help those who are unable to access this program without financial support.

Leadership – Rena Kulczycki

Rena (pronouns: they/them/their) is a facilitator who believes in building communities where our limits can be lovingly challenged and our ideas collaboratively cultivated. To that end, Rena designs and delivers programs that engage and lift up the gifts and wisdom of every participant, applying wit and skill to foster opportunities for authenticity and courageous vulnerability, centering voices from the margins, as we strive toward stronger (more magical!) communities of trust and support.

Rena draws on many experiences including training in conflict mediation and anti-oppressive facilitation, delivering youth camps and conferences on social justice, global issues and for trans and non-binary youth, serving on the board of and living in a housing co-operative, studying Sociology & International Development in university, living in rural and urban places across Turtle Island, and growing up in K’jipuktuk coming from a family of immigrants from both Poland and Korea. Rena unites these experiences and their passion for positive collaborative change in their work to heal and mobilize communities towards justice, particularly around gender and race.

Leadership – Stacey Gomez

Stacey Gomez (pronouns: she/her) is a community organizer who finds joy in organizing programming centering learning and healing from racialized communities.

Stacey has been engaged in struggles for migrant justice with the  Latinx community, as well as grassroots groups like No One is Illegal – Halifax/K’jipuktuk and Solidarity Across Borders. She currently works as Maritimes Coordinator of the Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network, which has been engaged in solidarity with Guatemalan human rights defenders since the 1980s. Stacey holds an MA in Development Studies from York University.

This gathering at Tatamagouche Centre is explicitly only for Black, Indigenous and other People of Colour(BIPOC). If you are not BIPOC person and are wondering why this gathering is only for BIPOC people, Kelsey Blackwell has generously written a piece about why we need closed spaces for BIPOC community

A note about funders who made this program possible:

When available, bursaries for youth and young adults are provided by “The James Robertson Memorial Trust Fund, the Wesley C. Smith Fund, the Davey Family Endowment Fund, the Living Spirit Fund, the Brian and Belva Piercy Fund, the Jean Moore Endowment Fund, and the United Church of Canada Foundation’s General Fund at The United Church Foundation.