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30 October, 2020
5:30 PM
Tatamagouche Centre, 259 Loop Route 6, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia B0K 1V0

CANCELLED due to COVID-19 outbreak in NB. We are sad to announce that we have had to cancel the Deathcare, Rituals and Reflections Onsite Program. Both facilitators are from New Brunswick’s Orange Zone, which currently has essential travel only. This very popular program will be re-scheduled for 2021, as permitted. We thank Denise and Jules for all the hard work they put into developing this amazing program offering!

October 30 to November 1, 2020 Friday, 5:00pm to Sunday 2:00pm

In a different time and place, when living on farms and before funeral homes, we were involved, and we knew how to care for our loved ones as they were dying. It was something we did as a community and learned from our ancestors. Today, as we reclaim this knowledge and learn about practices and our options, we can bring more presence and sacredness in the natural cycle of life and death.

In this workshop, we learn about the importance of having difficult conversations, planning ahead and sharing our wishes, being informed of our options and the legalities around deathcare. We will take time to reflect on our relationship with life and death, to recognize the healing power of ceremony, and the practice of rituals for the different stages, before and after death.

We see opportunities to claim final moments of intimacy in sacred space during times that are often difficult. By being involved, we become more present which can soothe the helplessness that death sometimes brings.

As a community of like-minded people, we take the time to regain the confidence that we need to be involved at the end of life phase that feels right for us.

Stephen Jenkinson says “The mark of a good death is that it is a village making event.”

We feel the same!  A successful weekend sharing about deathcaring, truly does make a village. We all have gifts, and experiences, so we invite you to bring songs, poems to share and meaningful items for the altar.

With this workshop, we can familiarize ourselves with:

  • Importance of planning ahead and sharing our wishes
  • Natural Burial and Funerals
  • Value of having important conversation early and often
  • The legalities regarding home death care
  • Demonstration of moving, washing and caring for a body ((though not with real models)
  • Rituals and ceremonies and the importance of having them
  • Shrouding and casketing
  • Altars and its functions
  • Anointment ritual before/after death
  • Home Funerals/Vigils (For at home or the hospital)
  • Reflections on our relationship with the cycle of life

Note: This program does not teach Indigenous ceremony; it teaches tools to create personal and meaningful rituals for our loved ones and communities – regardless of religious/spiritual tradition.

Program Cost

We acknowledge that there are systemic barriers that make it difficult to participate and access programs. We work to support those who are unable to pay the full cost of programs, while providing a living wage for facilitators and covering the costs of learning programs.

We name the true program fee to allow those who are able to pay this cost to do so. We don’t want financial barriers to prevent anyone from participating in a learning program so we also offer a subsidized program fee, 20% of the program total, deposit only. Indicate your preference in the registration process. Those able to pay more, please consider offering an additional donation. This helps to subsidize others to participate.

True Program Fee –  To be determined. Commuter Price – $477 (tuition, meals without overnight lodging)

Registration Deadline: October 16, 2020

Tatamagouche Centre is grateful for funding to support youth, seniors, BIPOC applicants, LGTBQIA2S+, applicants with mental health barriers to participate in learning programs.

*photo Credit: Katie Aven

Leadership – Denise Leblanc

Denise LeBlanc uses art, nature and ritual to connect and reflect on the cycle of life.  Over the past 30 years, she has facilitated and coordinated many groups, advocating an experiential approach through exploration and creativity. She brings this experience and the teachings and wisdom of many teachers into her retreats, workshops, and in all that she does. Her mission is to inform, equip, and empower people in their expression, desire and responsibility of Living Well at any age and at the end of life. It’s an invitation to contemplate life and engage in important conversations. Honour our life and our ancestors. Share our wishes and have our affairs in order. Recognize the transitions we face and the importance of rituals for healing. Live our best life.

Denise thrives in living each day with creativity, simplicity, adventure and balance in her home town of Memramcook, NB with her partner, Paul. Nature is always present and takes many forms: ephemeral art, camping, walking, foraging, biking, gardening, and mainly being. It’s a way of living that supports the heart and soul.

Some of the teachers she is grateful for are: Sarah Kerr (Death Doula and Ritual Practitioner); Vanessa Lindsay-Botten (Song Leader); Anne Bérubé (Embodied Leadership); Don Morris (Home Death Care); Willow Inspired End of Life Planning; Natural Burial and Funeral with (PCSDG).

Leadership – Jules Jones

Jules Jones resides in New Brunswick and is a mother of adult twin girls. After working in the corporate world for many years, Jules realized that she needed something more fulfilling and meaningful. She has always had a passion for helping people, so she decided to become involved with the Community Deathcare movement and studied with the Beyond Yonder Virtual School for Community Deathcaring Canada to become a Death Doula and Death Educator.

Jules is the founder and owner of A Mindful Death Doula Services. She brings the tradition of caring for our dying and dead loved ones back to our communities and modern times. She is very passionate about supporting families and their loved ones through their sacred transition into death by protecting and holding space.

More recently, Jules founded From My Heart Elder Care, where she provides home care services, and companionship to elders who wish to remain in their home, but need a little help to do so.