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19 November, 2019
2:00 PM
Tatamagouche Centre, 259 Loop Route 6, RR#3 NS

Nov 19 – Nov 22, 2019
Tue 2:00 PM – Fri 2:00 PM

Transform your youth program,
your community and our collective potential.

This program is suited to anyone who is interested in high-level training in youth engagement and program planning to enhance their abilities as youth workers, mentors, social workers, employment counsellors, teachers, volunteers or recreation staff.

“I most appreciated the feeling that change was possible in a magical way. I walked away from this experience as I would like youth to walk away from programming that I do with them. It was dynamic and I was engaged through the whole process.” – 2017 participant

Leading Innovative and Engaging Youth Programs is a flagship HeartWood training program and is an essential experience for anyone interested in delivering engaging youth programs. Participants will experience a hands on exploration of leadership and facilitation techniques using an appreciative approach coupled with a service-learning framework.

This training is for folks asking how to:

  • Build and deliver programs that meet the real needs of youth (and that youth want to participate in)
  • Design transformative learning experiences using intentional programming tools
  • Incorporate debriefs, evaluation and feedback in engaging and creative ways
  • Deepen your facilitation practice

“This re-ignited the excitement and fulfillment of what good facilitation “looks” like and having a model in place ensures none of the key elements are missed during planning and delivery” – 2017 participant

At Leading Innovative and Engaging Youth Programs we share best practices, applied theory, techniques, and experiential activities you can use to engage youth, deepen their experiences, enhance and build on their strengths and gifts, and identify ways to more deeply connect young people to community action.

“The thing I appreciated most about this experience has been the comfortable, safe, sharing and caring environment that allowed participants to contribute in ways that felt comfortable doing so, while challenging them to step outside of the comfort zone once in a while – concrete skills and strategies to apply to our work with youth” – 2015 participant

Program Fee:

This is the final year that Heartwood is able to subsidize the costs of this program.

The subsidy from Heartwood means that we can offer this program for $675 including meals & multiple occupancy accommodation ($750 including private room)
Program Fee including meals but no lodging $555

We do invite those who are able to support the true cost of the Heartwood facilitators by paying a true program cost of $990. The option to choose to pay an increased cost is included in the registration form.

Can’t afford it?

We have a bursary fund to support the participation of those who may face financial barriers to attend this training.

To apply for a bursary please fill out the bursary form. Bursary deadline October 31st.

This is a joint initiative of the HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development and the Tatamagouche Centre.

This program is full! Contact us to be added to the wait-list!

Brian Braganza

Brian Braganza is an experiential educator specializing in vocational counselling, sustainability education, masculinity, and youth engagement. He was prepared by Parker J. Palmer and the Centre for Courage & Renewal as a facilitator in 2014 and has led retreats in Nova Scotia and in the U.S. Brian has a 24 year history with the Tatamagouche Centre and with HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development. Brian delivers experiential programs for men and co-designed T.O.N.E., Therapy Outside Normal Environments, a unique men’s therapeutic project, which builds men’s abilities to connect authentically and live into their wholeness. He lives in a straw-bale home he built on an old farm near Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Brian is also a wilderness traveler, poet and songwriter.

Rena Kulczycki

Rena (pronouns: they/them/their) is committed to building communities that include, engage and celebrate the gifts and wisdom of every participant. They believe that the transformational experiences we need depend on building cultures of mutual support and respect, where our limits can be challenged and our ideas collaboratively cultivated. To that end, Rena applies wit and skill to foster opportunities for authenticity and courageous vulnerability, centering voices from the margins, as we strive toward stronger (more magical!) communities of trust and support.

Rena studied Sociology & International Development in university, is trained in conflict mediation and facilitation, serves on the board of their housing co-operative, hosts and volunteers at youth camps and conferences on social justice, global issues and for trans and non-binary youth, has lived in rural and urban places across Canada, and comes from a family of immigrants from both Poland and Korea. Rena unites these experiences and their passion for positive collaborative change in their work to heal and mobilize communities towards justice, particularly around gender, race and class.

Outside of work, Rena enjoys sharing in the making and eating of good food, podcasts, swimming in lakes, dancing and camping as much as possible, and performing in drag. Laughter and love are high priorities.