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17 July, 2020
5:30 PM
Tatamagouche Centre, 259 Loop Route 6, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia B0K 1V0

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October 30 – November 1, 2020 Friday: 5:30pm – Sunday 2:00pm

Moves and Marks is a two-and-a-half-day workshop that brings people together to investigate embodiment as a tool that allows for meeting across difference. Created and facilitated by Mo Drescher and Liliona Quarmyne, the workshop examines the ways in which deep body knowledge and awareness can lead individuals and communities to access new ways of being in relationship with one another.

Both Drescher and Quarmyne are trained and experienced community facilitators, whose practices are deeply rooted in a desire for radical and progressive societal transformation. They are also both artists, and carry their creativity and artistry into their social justice facilitation. They have crafted the Moves and Marks workshop through a process of movement and mark-making research, residency and body-informed conversation. Acknowledging that the ways we move in the world are constantly scripted by our socialization, histories, and legacies of domination and oppression, the workshop gives participants the opportunity to seek and discover new patterns and ways of being in relationship. It invites people – particularly BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folk – to engage with questions of boundaries, risk, consent and space.

How can we build trust across difference? Who leads and who follows, and how do we know? How can we explore our responses and reactivity to ourselves and each other in a way that is gentle and generative and also allows us to stretch beyond our current habits and comfort zones? Realizing that radical change is something that needs to be practiced and built with care, the Moves & Marks workshop gives participants an opportunity to delve into these questions, and creates a supportive environment in which to experiment with and practice new patterns. Through a series of movement and drawing exercises that build our ability to witness ourselves and others, the workshop plants new seeds of possibility in individuals and communities, opening ourselves and each other to a future that we have not yet seen.

Acceptance to this program is based on an application process.

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Applications close October 15, 2020

Program Cost:

Full Program Cost – $479 (including tuition, meals, and shared accommodations).

A request for a single room adds $50 to the total.

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Please apply as normal and indicate how much you are able to contribute on your application form.

Program Leadership

Liliona & Mo have been flirting, exploring and collaborating since they met at Make Do Camp in 2017. Through sharing their respective practices with one another they are excavating the tender and fierce space of relationships and difference, presence and proximity. Their performance at the Creative Nova Scotia Awards Gala will reflect these themes through movement, paper play and light.

Liliona Quarmyne has an eclectic background and a diverse set of trainings and experiences. As a result, she wears many hats – choreographer, dancer, actor, singer, community organizer, and facilitator. Liliona’s work stems from the idea of the body as story – an ever shifting, layered meeting place of moments and memory that is constant conversation with time, space, land, and other bodies. Liliona sees her body as a link to past and to future generations. She choreographs and dances across Canada and internationally, creates and performs original works as an independent artist, facilitates community programming, and is the Artistic Director of Kinetic Studio.  Her scope of work is broad, but is particularly focused on the relationship between art and social justice, on the body’s ability to carry ancestral memory, and on the role the performing arts can play in creating change.

Mo Drescher is a queer trans multi-disciplinary artist. They primarily work with drawing, mark making and movement. They imagine and create immersive worlds and portals through relationship building and tending. Finding care, justness and possibility by untangling from convention and habitual patterns. Mo studied fine art at NSCAD University and Naropa University and continued their studies of graphic recording at The Grove in San Francisco. Mo also studied leadership development, systems change and design thinking through the ALiA Institute and their ongoing practice in the Art of Hosting global network. Mo works as a facilitator and graphic recorder in their professional career and owns Brave Space, a company that offers design, facilitation and graphics.