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23 July, 2020
5:00 PM
Tatamagouche Centre, 259 Loop Route 6, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia B0K 1V0 Join us

This program requires an application process. Please see below for details.


We are pleased to announce a 2020 Peace and Friendship Youth Alliance Gathering!

This gathering is focused on widening the circle of Indigenous and settler youth engagement in Indigenous rights and in living as treaty people. This year we will be building a traditional Longhouse while receiving the teaching of Elders. During this gathering, Traditional teachings will be given to the men, women and 2S, around their roles within Indigenous community and culture.

This gathering will be an empowering opportunity to envision and build sovereignty and self-determination among the youth of the Wabanaki nations. Through ceremony, reflection, and the support of Elders, we will work together to explore connections between ceremony, language, world-views, citizenship, relationships, governance, Treaties, rights, responsibilities and life together.

We will explore how Wabanaki traditions and world-views can guide our relationships with Canada and other colonial structures. This will include talking circles, teaching times, sacred fire, fun, and traditional crafts – along with deep discussion and learning.

We will bring together youth in the range of ages 18-39.

Youth (aged 18-39) can apply to participate in this program. Indigenous youth will be prioritized, and we will ensure that the majority of participants are Indigenous. You can apply in any of these ways:

  • by completing the on-line application form
  • call us at 902-657-2231 to set up a phone call to discuss your participation
  • text us at 902-977-0477. Let us know your name and your interest in being part of the gathering, and we will get back to you.

You are invited to pay what you are able. The cost per person for this gathering is $500 per person. The more you are able to contribute, the more people we are able to host.