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24 August, 2020
3:00 PM
Tatamagouche Centre, 259 Loop Route 6, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia B0K 1V0

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Aug 24 – Aug 28, 2020 Mon 3:00 PM – Fri 1:00 PM

The camp is not yet open for applications. Applications will open by May 1st, 2020

The award winning Social Justice Youth Camp is back!

We bring youth together from all the different communities and cultures in the Maritimes for a camp that focuses on social justice and environmental issues, culture, and gender, race and injustice. Come join the experience. Come join the community!

This multicultural camp is an opportunity for youth (ages 15-18) to learn how to make a difference. Lots of games, dynamic activities, and discussions will be mixed with awareness and action. Join youth from all over Atlantic Canada to practice strategies against racism, use arts against injustice, discuss gender relations and positive and healthy sexuality, explore different cultural contexts, build alliances, and have a whole lot of fun! The camp will be facilitated by a diverse team of young adults from the region who actively live their lives working for social change.

Sample Description of possible workshops

(Please note: workshops vary from year to year depending on the facilitators and interests of participants)

What is Social Justice?: Using skits and video clips, discussions and dialogue – explore the language, the ideas, and the issues – and learn how social justice explores making the world we want to live in – a better place.

Building Community: How do we make everyone feel comfortable, engaged and involved? Discuss and share what is important to you to make our community better.

Immigration: What does it mean to be a newcomer in Canada, how does immigration work, what’s a refugee? Role play an immigration interview and learn about the challenges and opportunities in becoming a Canadian.

Pirate Radio & Social Media: Build your own radio, broadcast your own frequency – and practice how to get social media moving on the issues you care about.

Buy, Buy, Bye: Companies want us to buy everything, consume everything. How can you reduce your environmental footprint and how to move from buying stuff to using less – become an environmental activist.

Conflict Resolution & Anti-bullying: It starts with communication – so how do we communicate when we’re mad, or people are mad at us. And discuss practical tips on challenging bullying in the classroom and in society.

Consent, Sex, Healthy Sexuality: A frank discussion where you are able to ask the questions you are most interested in knowing about around sex and sexuality – learn how to talk about consent – and knowing what it is you want and need before sex takes the lead.

Stereotyping & Gender roles: An activity that demonstrates the impacts of stereotyping and an opportunity to challenge and address gender roles and explore the gender continuum.

Racism in the Maritimes: It is here, it is present everywhere – So how do we talk about it, how do we address it and how can we make a difference?

Talent Show: The most sought-after and loved portion of the camp – everyone has a talent: singing, dancing, juggling, poetry, knitting or yodeling. A chance for everyone to get on stage and perform in front of your supportive friends and peers.

And much, much more… activities, discussions, videos, games and having fun while you learn to change the world!

Program Cost:

$550 – There are full and partial bursaries available for this program.


The camp is not yet open for applications. Applications will open by May 1st, 2020

Please register at least 1 month in advance to secure your place in this program.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada.

Ce projet est financé en partie par le gouvernement du Canada.