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November 4, 2021

Dear Premier Higgs, Minister Fleming, 

There is nothing honourable, just or safe in your recent ban of the words unsurrendered and unceded with respect to land acknowledgements in New Brunswick.  Land acknowledgements excluding these words are not only inappropriate and inaccurate, they are harmful. We stand with Ron Tremblay, the Wolastoq Grand Chief Morningstar burning (see letter below) and Wolastoq Elders and friends. We are outraged and dismayed at the continued shows of colonial racism, genocide and lack of respect to our friends and First Peoples on whose land we continue to live, work and profit. 

The Treaties of Peace and Friendship were signed in good faith such that there could be peaceful and friendly nation-to-nations relations. Real reconciliation and healing demand that the truth be told. This is an example of continued colonial violence under the guise of legal and bureaucratic process. 

As a multi-faith coalition of faith institutions and faith leaders, we ask that land acknowledgments be restored properly and that the land claims proceed in the spirit of the original Treaties, in peaceful friendship, dignity and mutual respect. At this point in history, you are being called to provide moral leadership in truth and reconciliation in order to keep public faith in your government and governance. 

Yours sincerely, 


Multi-faith Coalition on Treaty Rights, specifically:

Sis’moqon and Nanci Lee, Tatamagouche Centre 

Brian Gifford

Nancy Blair 

Rev. Anne Hoganson, United Church Regions East Justice, Mission & Outreach Committee

Rev. Marian Lucas-Jefferies 

Debra Ross

Barbara Aikeman

kathrin winkler, Nova Scotia Voices of Women for Peace

NSVOW MMIWG Report Reading Group

Richard Peisinger, Halifax Shambhala Touching the Earth Collective

Dick Cotterill, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Mohamed Yaffa, Centre for Islamic Development

Charlotte Akin

Samten Chodron 

Brenda Holoboff 

Sandy Greenberg 

Joan Smith

kathrin winkler 

Paul Schwartzentruber

Violet Rosengarten


i respectfully acknowledge in our homeland of Wolastokuk that we Wolastoqewiyik have never surrendered one speck of Earth, one drop of Water or one breath of Air. Since first contact, the representatives of the british crown have strived to eliminate Wolastoqewiyik by violently stealing our lands and resources and by forcing our people onto reservations in the act of Genocide.

  • The provincial conservative party strives to continue Systemic Racism, Dictatorship and Colonialism, from which they have built their solid foundation
  • The provincial conservative party continues to ignore the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Report
  • The provincial conservative party continues the act of Genocide

 Wolastoqewi Kci-Sakom spasaqsit possesom – Ron Tremblay 

 (Wolastoq Grand Chief morningstar burning)

 Kahkakuhsuwakutom naka Malsomuwakutom

 (Crow & Wolf Clan)