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Tatamagouche Centre offers over 20 programs every year. Our programs are carefully curated and developed to meet the needs and interests of individuals, community organizations, and faith communities while also expressing the values of our Mission and Inclusion Statements.

We work hard to make our programs accessible, while ensuring that the true costs are covered. This is possible through the generosity of individual and organizational donors who have been touched by our work.

When we grant funding towards our programs, we name the true cost of the program in order to allow those who are able to pay this cost. Some will even be able to pay a generous cost to donate a little extra to help support others. Others need a reduced cost supported by grant funding. Some need greater financial support through our bursaries. If you need financial support, we really would like to hear from you as early as possible. We are particularly excited to support folks from traditionally marginalized backgrounds. The names and identities of bursary recipients are confidential. In 2019 we have received some funding for program bursaries from the United Church Foundation:

When available, bursaries for youth and young adults are provided by The James Robertson Memorial Trust Fund, the Wesley C. Smith Fund, the Davey Family Endowment Fund, the Living Spirit Fund, the Brian and Belva Piercy Fund, the Jean Moore Endowment Fund, and the United Church of Canada Foundation’s General Fund at The United Church Foundation.

Where available, bursaries for seniors spirituality program streams were awarded from The Watkins Fund for Innovative Ministries with Senior Adults at The United Church of Canada Foundation.

Winter Gaming Retreat 2020

February 28 - March 1, 2020 Fri 5:30 PM - Sun 2:00 PM - A weekend get-away to play tabletop roleplaying games! A supportive, peer-led weekend to try playing and leading games for the first time. Some of the themes we explore together: how to make the move from player to game leader; how to build inclusion and community; and how to support diversity, disability, and mental health through...

Designing Games that Matter 2020

May 15 - May 19, 2020 Fri 5:30 PM - Tue 2:30 PM - A four-day intensive with game designer Avery Alder, exploring how to design tabletop games that are meaningful, dynamic, and transformative. We'll approach design in a playful, hands-on, purposeful, and experimental fashion. Participants will hone their critical design analysis, and discover ways to tell new stories and invite new people to the table.

It takes a Child to Raise a Church: Contemporary Youth Ministry

Join Dave Csinos for a program guaranteed to make you think deeply about faith formation. Using presentations, discussions, and collaborative learning activities, you’ll join like-minded folks to explore how to help young people–and people of all ages!–develop as disciples of Jesus. These days of conversation will focus on our contemporary contexts for nurturing generative, authentic faith and how faith leaders and churches ought to respond to current shifts in our...